Post Pallet


Post pallets plays a crucial role in warehouses and storage facilities to prevent accidents

As the perfect replacement for pallet racking, post pallets help you save space in your warehouse while eliminating collision and tripping hazards. Post pallets will also help you categorize products, making material storage easy. ALA Logistics as your Post pallet manufacturer also offer custom material handling racks for product production, over-the -road shipping, and other strategic transportation activities.

While pallet rackings are installed into the ground and not movable, post pallets allow you to place all the products in one category back to back to save space in your warehouse. When not used, their posts can be easily removed and the based can be stacked and put away to save space. When transporting between warehouses, products do not need to be removed from the post pallets. They are ideal for all types of industries such as textiles, wire coils, automotive parts and tires, etc.


Product Features:

  • As a leading Post Pallet Manufacturer, we design pallets for forklift handling with Four-Way, Two-Way, Four Or Full Four-Way Accessibility.
  • You can expect portability besides flexibility as per change in size, location of storage areas. But, of course, it all depends on the workloads.
  • Post pallets can be personalized to align with your products and storage needs.
  • Easy to assemble and store.
  • Uses minimum space.



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Why Select Us
Why Select Us

We have a wide range of product selection. The company provides a wide range of welding products and metal products, including wire mesh containers, wire mesh decking, tire rack, post pallets, nestainers, stillages, roll cages, cage pallets, and much more at an affordable price.

If the listed products do not fit your needs, we also manufacture a customized one.

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