Wire Mesh Decking

Wire Mesh Deck

Wire mesh decking is another one of our core products, which we produced and exported all around the world at very economical prices. We are able to manufacture all standard models used in the US, Europe, South East Asia and Australia. We are also able to alter our sizing based on the size of your pallet racking.

You can significantly improve the storage capacity of small items with our wire mesh decking on your pallet racking. At the same time, wire mesh decking can share the beam’s stress so that the compression of the beam is no longer at one place. It increases the useful life of the pallet racking beams to a much greater extent. At the same time, when products are placed directly onto the decks, it is much more convenient for order picking and inventory counting.

In the long run, removable yet sturdy wire mesh deck ensures the safety of your products and increases the useful life of your pallet racking, which are much more difficult to replace or repair, thus lowering your cost. They also maximize your available storage space on the pallet racking.


Product Features:

  • Highly durable
  • Amazing safety performance
  • Aligns with stringent insurance requirements
  • Wire mesh decking is perfect for all types of storage, like cool rooms and freezers.
  • Flexible as you can store everything in the pallets, from skids to small elements.
  • You can easily customize wire mesh deck.



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Why Select Us
Why Select Us

We have a wide range of product selection. The company provides a wide range of welding products and metal products, including wire mesh containers, wire mesh decking, tire rack, post pallets, nestainers, stillages, roll cages, cage pallets, and much more at an affordable price.

If the listed products do not fit your needs, we also manufacture a customized one.

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